The Japanese Blade Runner poster.
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I’m not sure my description of the book convinced my friend to read it.



Prince is throwing a big party tonight. Everything is in order. Except his chef took the day off to a Rhino’s Birthday Party and now Prince is hungry. After unlocking the fridge with his thumb and voice print, Prince ponders what he finds:

If Prince decides to eat the left-over Meatloaf turn to Page 5 

If Prince decides to eat kale and lemon salad turn to Page 7


Prince takes out the meatloaf and appreciates that it was cast in the shape of Elvis’ face. He reheats it in the oven, being careful to not let Elvis dry out, and reaches for something to add to it. Finding no mustard, Prince storms out, taking his meatloaf with him and eating it sluggishly, aware he must keep his strength up. While finishing, one of the party planners trips and sends Prince’s plate to the floor, breaking it. 

If Prince decides to take the high road and chalk it up to an accident turn to Page 12

If Prince decides this was a sign from above and vengeance must be wrought, turn to Page 27


Prince chases the party planner through the house, brandishing a scrap of meatloaf! The party planner can only scream “I’m sorry!” over his shoulder as he hoofs it down the hallways of Prince’s home. Turning into Prince’s Holodeck, the party planner locks the door. Prince slides to a graceful halt outside the door and grins.

If Prince decides to run the Danger Room Scenario turn to Page 15

If Prince decides to run the Moriarty Scenario turn to Page 31


Satisfied the party planner will have to defeat Moriarty to escape, Prince realizes his schedule is all wrecked and he must hurry to get dressed! Hurrying to Closet 14 - Epic Party Closet 2 Prince activates the doors and steps inside. So many options!

If Prince wears the Nic Cage Face Suit turn to Page 10

If Prince wears the Harry Potter robes turn to Page 14


Prince admires himself, and Nic Cage, in the mirror. He leaves the closet satisfied. The guest list is approved, the mongeese circus is trained and the DJ is ready. Soon it will be time for a party. But, Prince realizes, the thousand butterflies haven’t been released, drat it all! Prince finds the Butterfly Wrangler and discovers the problem is a short in the release mechanism. Grabbing tools, Prince decides he can solve this himself.

If Prince cuts the Green Wire turn to Page 30

If Prince cuts the Red Wire turn to Page 22


The doors creak open and the butterflies are released. Prince smirks and tosses the wire cutters back to the butterfly wrangler. Now, just maybe, there is time to finish getting ready. Make-up is obvious, given the Nic Cage suit but shoes are a problem. Prince stares into Shoe Closet 29 - Epic Party Shoe Closet 6 and feels himself slip into a trance.

If Prince wears the new hi-tops turn to Page 9

If he wears the sparkly heels turn to Page 3

Prince puts on the new hi-tops but as he leaves his freshly shod and extra soft footstep surprise his dove collection. Many of the birds go insane at the shock of seeing him appear out of nowhere with no warning and more than one manages to poop on Prince’s suit. THE NIGHT, AND THE PARTY = RUINED.  


This is too brilliant: Choose Your Own Prince Adventure

Major Tom, Star Man (waiting in the sky)


"It is impossible to live in the past, difficult to live in the present and a waste to live in the future."

- Frank Herbert, Dune (via wordsnquotes)

(via wordsnquotes)


Adventure in the 8th Dimension: Still from the ending credits of the best movie ever made.

Agreed.What was part two going to be? Adventures through the ultraverse?Or world crime syndicate? One of those might be the Remo Williams ending. Back in a time when sequels should have been made:(