To save one life, Mr. Tagomi had to take two. The logical, balanced mind cannot make sense of that. A kindly man like Mr. Tagomi could be driven insane by the implications of such reality.

~ Philip K. Dick, “The Man in the High Castle” (1962)

Syfy to adapt The Man in the High castle


Television network SyFy is to adapt Philip K. Dick’s novel The man in the high castle. Their four part mini-series will be produced by Ridley Scott, who directed one of Dick’s most famous adaptations, Blade Runner.

The Man in The High Castle is an alternative history, depicting a world in…

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In my reality I’m a giant Jewish time-traveling bug who fights Nazis.

Philip K. DickThe Man in the High Castle

The fictitious world of Philip K. Dick’s ‘The Man in the High Castle’

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Well„, Bad news folks.The Hollyfuckwoods are going to stab snake in his one good eye.A remake is on the way…. ….Talk seems to be centering around Charlie Hannam the lone survivor brother of the Gypsy Danger."Just talk as of now"These bastards can find ideas but are just to stupid and fucking lazy to do so. Example: why not make PK Dicks “Man in the High Castle into a movie?You have already made just about every novel he wrote into a movie or at least used plots as a master theme. The way of the world nowadays.Lazy fucks………..